Custom Branding

If you’re looking at putting your brand in people’s hands, consider custom branding.

Custom Cup and Bowl Printing

Custom Branding - Cups

Fantastic for an established business or a large ad campaign, EcoPack’s custom cups/bowls offer a great quality print on a superior quality cup. These cups/bowls are printed during the manufacturing process. Depending on the print process and quantity of units ordered, either water-based or soya (oil-based) inks are used, although both are free from heavy metals.

Custom Branding - Bowls

The minimum order quantity for custom cup or bowl printing is 50 cases per unit size (50 000 units) and 100 cases (100 000 units) for PLA cups. A lead time of 14 – 18 weeks applies on the initial run of both coffee cup and PLA printing.

The template for cup/bowl custom printing will include the EcoCup/EcoBowl logo on the seam of the cup/bowl, although the applications (size and colours) are incredibly flexible. The EcoCup/EcoBowl logo provides a strong visual identity and can make a real difference to the customers that buy these products, and the vendors who offer them. This logo visually supports the message that our products are biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable; and is fundamental to our mission of providing affordable and innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

The process starts with a great design, which can either be provided to us on our template, or produced by EcoPack.

Cup Sleeves

Custom Branding - Sleeve

A great option for small print runs is a cup sleeve. These are manufactured locally, with shorter lead times than cup printing. Our sleeve template is double cut, and fits our 250ml, 350ml and 450ml single wall white cups.

Minimum runs start at 5 000 units, and a once-off setup cost applies. The cost of the sleeve print run is dependent on artwork (colour and complexity).

For more information on custom branding, or to discuss an option that works for your business, please contact us on
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