7 Super Easy Green Goals for the New year

7 Green goals for 2018

Let’s face it, New Year’s Resolutions/ Goals usually don’t work and science agrees.  Change is really hard!

When it comes to being green, many of us have the desire to live more sustainable lives.  Unfortunately the mere thought of taking on yet another responsibility can make us dismiss our noble intentions altogether!

Striving for big, unrealistic goals, like going zero waste cold turkey, will likely lead to failure and burnout pretty quickly.  That’s why small, achievable goals are the way to go if we want to make changes in our habits.

Here are a few simple green goals for you to try in 2018:

1.Ditch plastic water bottles

Every year, the oil used to produce plastic water bottles in the U.S alone is enough to fuel 1 000 000 cars!  Avoiding buying water in plastic bottles can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.  Instead, buy yourself a reusable bottle and try to take it with you everywhere you go.

2.Say no to paper towels

Yes, paper towels are really convenient, but unfortunately that convenience comes at a price.  It is estimated that around 13 billion pounds of paper towels end up in landfill every year!  Simply swapping paper towels for some washable cloths can make a big difference.  You can keep a few cloths on hand and toss them in the laundry once you are done.

3.Embrace #MeatfreeMonday

It’s no secret anymore that our meat consumption is having a negative impact on the environment.  You don’t have to go all out Vegan to eat less meat though.  Simply cutting back once a week is a great start and can make a big difference in the long run (your wallet will also thank you!).  There are thousands of amazing meat free recipes that will please even the most dedicated meat lovers out there!

4.Buy reusable shopping bags

The only real challenge here is to actually remember to bring your reusable bags along to the shop!  Keep a couple in the car and maybe even stuff one in your handbag to make sure you don’t have to opt for plastic at the till.

5.Replace your lightbulbs

This has been advised for years, but if you haven’t done so already –go ahead and replace your regular lightbulbs with energy saving ones.

6.Embrace homemade meals

With our hectic, modern lifestyle, cooking is often the last thing we want to do when we get home in the evenings.  It becomes tempting to opt for ready meals or buy takeout regularly.  The problem with quick meals is that it comes with a lot of packaging waste and is probably not great for your health either.  Cooking from scratch doesn’t have to take hours.  You can find a gazillion healthy 15 minute meals online so no mental energy needed!

7.Refuse the straw

Plastic straws are amongst the top 10 marine debris items found in beach cleanups.  They do not biodegrade, often contain BPA and pose a threat to marine life.  Next time you are out or buy a drink simply ask them to hold the straw.  If you really want to use one, buy a reusable straw to take with you when going out or buying drinks.

Making these small changes can go a long way in living a more sustainable life.  However you are not limited to this list – there are a million things you can do to become more sustainable.

What habits have you implemented or do you want to pursue in the year to come?  We would love to hear your thoughts!




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