Your Water Rationing Survival Guide

Water rationing in Cape Town has officially started on Monday (although some areas were already affected by it) and the reigns are now pulled tighter than ever before.

A while back, we posted how to take a 2 minute shower, but guess what?  The recommended shower time is now down to 1 minute (is that even possible?)!

When you think of water rationing, you are probably thinking it works the same way as load shedding.  It doesn’t.  The intervention stays in place until The City of Cape Town lifts it, which is not going to happen any time soon!  Basically when usage in an area goes up, the water pressure goes down and you can expect the pressure to be at its lowest during peak hours which is 05:00 – 09:00 AM and 17:00 – 21:00 PM.  Make sure you are prepared!

The City of Cape Town has posted a list of do’s and don’ts here to adhere to during this time.  We have compiled the main points into a simplified, user-friendly infographic for your convenience:

Water rationing Survival Guide

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