How ‘Green’ are you really? Take our Quiz to find out!

How green are you reallySome of us live our lives completely unaware of the impact we have on the earth, while others dedicate their lives to the preservation of the planet.  Then there are those who have good intentions, but still have a long way to go on the road to sustainability.

Ever wondered how ‘green’ you really are?  Take our quiz below and find out!  Remember to be totally honest, nobody’s watching!

Count your points as you go along:

1. You throw your food scraps…

how green are you really

a) Into the trash, where else? (1)

b) Sometimes onto the compost heap – if I remember.(3)

c) Into my Bokashi bin of course! (6)

2.Do you grow your own food at home?

how green are you really

a) A few herbs here and there. (3)

b) Yes, my garden is full of healthy, organic deliciousness! (5)

c) No need, I buy my food at the grocery store. (2)

3.When brushing your teeth do you…

how green are you really

a) Let the water run until you are finished. (0)

b) Close the tap in between scrubbing and rinsing. (4)

c) Use the little water you have poured into a glass. (6)

4.When offered a plastic straw you…

how green are you really

a) Gladly accept and enjoy your drink. (0)

b) Refuse the straw and talk to the manager about the

environmental impact of plastic straws. (6)

c) Say no thank you. (4)

5.When buying groceries, at the checkout counter you…

how green are you really

a) Whip out your eco-friendly reusable bag and give the

plastic users dirty looks. (6)

b) Ask for plastic bags. (1)

c) It depends on whether or not I remember to bring my

reusable bag.(3)

6.When you leave the room, do you switch off the lights?

How green are you really

a) Always! (5)

b) No, I am going back there anyway? (2)

c) Sometimes, if I remember! (3)

7.Do you regularly participate in beach cleanups or

    similar events?

How green are you really

a) I have better things to do. (2)

b) Sometimes, if my friend or co-worker manages to guilt

me into it. (3)

c) Yes, what better way to spend a day than taking care

of our planet? (5)

 8.You have replaced all your plastic with eco-friendly


How green are you really

a) A few items here and there. (3)

b) Yes of course, plastic sucks! (5)

c) Why would I do that? (2)

9.You know who Bea Johnson is

How green are you really

a) Doesn’t everybody? (5)

b) Bea who? (2)

c) The name sounds vaguely familiar. (3)

10.You are super excited about the Tesla Model 3

How green are you really

a) Yes, I reaaally want one! (5)

b) The what? (2)

c) Has this got something to do with Elon Musk? (3)


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