Your Ultimate Recycling Guide

recycling guideToday is National Recycle Day and we are all encouraged to make a difference by recycling our waste!

Ever wondered how much waste you produce?  Probably more than you think!

The Department of Environmental Affairs estimated our current waste generation per capita (and it’s not pretty):

  • Low income= 0.41kg/per person/day or (0.41kgx365 days)=149.65kg/person/year
  • Middle income=0.74kg/per person/day or (0.74kgx 365days) = 270.1kg/person/year
  • High income= 1.29kg/person/day or (1.29kgx365days) = 470.85kg/person/year

It’s astonishing when you look at the numbers above.  We produce A LOT of waste every year!

If every single one of us in SA start recycling, can you imagine what a difference that would make?

Sorting and dropping off waste at a facility is not the only way to recycle.  Repurposing items and tackling creative DIY projects using waste are amongst your recycling options.  Here are some awesome ideas for you to try!

Not sure what you can recycle?  Our guide below will help you!

ultimate recycling guide

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    Where on the list above does Compostable / Biodegradable Material come into the equasion ? Aparantly it is not recycable? If it gets mixed in with paper, does it matter?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi there Eike!
      Your best option with compostable/ biodegradable material is to put it in your compost heap where it will break down naturally due to exposure to heat, microorganisms and oxygen. That is your ‘recycling’ option for such materials as recycling plants typically do not accept organic waste. A bokashi bin is also a great option, you can read a bit more about it here.
      Recycle plants do not accept paper that is soiled with food and oil. The paper is mixed with water in a large churner and the oil does not dissolve in the water, hence resulting in new paper with oil blotches. So if you want to recycle paper, keep it nice and dry and away from any food or oil. Thanks for your comment, hope this answers your question!


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