6 Beautiful Water Wise Plants for your Spring Garden

water wise plantsAs Spring creeps closer and Allergex sales skyrocket, spending some time in the garden seems like a great way to celebrate the new season.

Due to the drought, your garden is probably not going to bloom as gloriously as it once did though.

The good news is that if you choose what to plant wisely, you will need minimal water (you can use grey water or captured rainwater) to maintain a beautiful, drought-resistant garden.

You are probably assuming that water wise planting means a garden full of aloes and succulents (and lots of rocks)!  However, there are a variety of other plant species that will thrive in the dry weather conditions we are currently facing.

Below are 6 beautiful water wise plants that will brighten any garden:


strelitzia water wise plantOne of South Africa’s favorites, the Strelitzia is a hardy plant that grows equally well in sun and shade.  They typically grow up to 3.5 meters and bloom in late Winter and Spring.  The Strelitzia is native to South Africa, but due to popularity is cultivated globally.  It even became the official flower of Los Angeles!


lavender water wise plantLavender loves dry soil and lots of sunlight (about 8 hours a day) making it perfect as a water wise plant.  They are ideal for creating a natural hedge and can be harvested for floral arrangements and potpourri with the added bonus of being a pest repellant!

 3.Felicia (Blue Daisy)

felicia water wise plantThis striking blue flowers make excellent garden plants as they are hardy, long-lived, fast growing and need moderate water and minimal care.  They prefer hot, dry climates and will grow well in most soil types provided it is not too moist.

4.Wild Garlic

wild garlic water wise plantWild garlic is not only easy to grow, but is extremely resilient and drought-resistant.  When planted on a large scale, the soft-pink color of the flowers make for a beautiful display.  This plant strongly smells of garlic when picked or bruised and both the flowers and leaves can be used in salads and other dishes.


agapanthus water wise plantDue to their thick, fleshy roots, these flowers handle drought very well and thrive when planted in full sun.  The “Blue Storm” variety of Agapanthus performs especially well in dry conditions and will therefore be the best choice for your water wise garden.

6.Cape Honeysuckle

cape honeysuckle water wise plantThis indigenous shrub is fast-growing, evergreen and can be planted in full sun.  It will survive heat, drought, wind, coastal conditions and even poor, sandy soil!  Talk about a tough beauty!

Even though the drought is severe, with some careful planning and creative thinking there is no reason why you cannot have a beautiful Spring garden!





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