The tiny house movement – is it for you?

Tiny house living

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Trending in the United States and Japan, tiny houses have increased in popularity over the past years.

With various documentaries and television shows exploring tiny house living, the movement certainly has captured our attention and left many of us wondering, “Would I be able to live like that?”

Relief from the financial burdens of paying off and maintaining a home, a desire for more free time, a longing for adventure and environmental concerns are all factors that motivate people to swap their traditional homes for tiny houses.

Although living in a tiny house makes sense on many levels, it certainly will not suit everyone!

Here are some things to consider before buying a tiny house:


Space in tiny houseTiny houses typically range between 18 and 120 square meters in size.  Think about the size of your current residence, and then try to imagine living in a space that small.  To make it more practical, imagine living out your days in a house the size of a caravan.  That should give you a good idea whether or not you would be able to do it!  Keep in mind though, that these houses are usually much better designed than your average caravan and use space optimally.


cost of a tiny houseAlthough much cheaper than a traditional house, there is still significant cost involved.  You will have to weigh up whether or not the money you will be spending is worth it.  “High end” houses on wheels will set you back between R 380 000 to R 450 000 and ready-made homes typically cost between R 410 000 to R 1 034 827 according to  While not super cheap, it still is more affordable than the average house in South Africa which according to amounts to about R 952 964 for lower to middle income areas and R 1 517 000 for middle income areas in 2017.

Facilities & Utilities

Facilities tiny houseSome tasks that you are used to doing at home, like laundry for instance, might have to be outsourced.  You will have to be comfortable using the laundromat or outsourcing any other tasks that you may not be able to do in your tiny home.  You will also have to think about things like sewage disposal, water, electricity and internet access if you are not planning on making use of camping grounds.


Children tiny housesTiny houses are probably not ideal for those who have children.  Considering the fact that most of these houses come with one very small bedroom, tiny houses are probably best suited for the child-free.  That said, there are some people who make it work, like Teri from


Location of tiny houseWhere you park or build your tiny home will be very important.  Decks, porches and space to explore the outdoors will be a crucial consideration due to limited indoor space.

Could you live in a tiny house?  If your answer is yes, check out for proudly South African options or for custom designs and variety.



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