Mandela Day 2017

Launched on the 18th of July 2009, Mandela Day commemorates the lifetime of service Mandela gave to South Africa and the world. Nelson Mandela devoted 67 selfless years of his life to others and so we are encouraged to give 67 minutes of our time for a good cause.

As people across the globe honour Madiba’s legacy with acts of kindness and service, we thought we’d join in and do something as a team. Each armed with a box full of veggies, we had the task of making hearty vegetable soup that would be donated to The Haven Night Shelter in Wynberg.

By donating soup (we aimed for 67 ecobowls full!), we provided the homeless with a warm meal and gave the good staff of the shelter a break as well.

The Haven Night Shelter’s mission is to get homeless people reintegrated into society. They not only provide food and shelter, but focus on getting people back on their feet and helping them take responsibility for their lives.

For more information about The Haven Night Shelter and the great work that they do, go to their website here or contact Lindie on 021 762 8243.

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