What to do with your e-waste

What do you do with your electrical appliances or batteries once they have reached the end of their lives? Please don’t toss them in the bin! They can be recycled!

Anything that has a plug or runs on batteries that has ended its life doesn’t have to go into the landfill, because the items often contain valuable materials, and can be recycled. (And if sent to landfill or burnt, these items can release harmful chemicals, which have a negative effect on the environment.)

EWASA (e-Waste Association of South Africa) has been set up to help us dispose of our electrical appliances in a sustainable manner. On their website, you can find a list of drop-off points for e-waste, closest to where you are.

What exactly is e-waste? According to EWASA’s website, ewaste is “anything that runs on electricity”. This would include:

  • computers
  • electronics
  • appliances
  • florescent tubes
  • mobiles phones
  • batteries
  • battery-operated toys

So if you have an old vacuum cleaner that has sucked up its last dustball; or an old mobile phone that has made its last call, get onto the EWASA website and find a drop off location closest to you.

For more information about ewaste, or to find your closest drop off, visit EWASA’s website and/or Facebook page.


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