Cooking with Wonderbag

This month we’ve been putting our Wonderbag through its paces.

What’s a Wonderbag? Well, it’s a clever insulated bag that turns any pot into a slow cooker.

The theory behind the bag is that the only power you need to cook a whole meal is that which you need to bring your pot to the boil. Once your pot is boiling, you pop it into the bag, pull the tie tight and leave it to do its thing.

The bags were originally developed for people in underprivileged areas, as they eliminate the need for someone to tend a fire and drastically reduce the amount of power needed to cook a meal.

We’ve tried quite a few meals in our bag, but the firm favourites are stews and curries. The bag holds the heat for a good 5 hours, so any meat or veg you have in there come out so tender and delicious, you’ll wonder(bag) why you’ve never used one before. You’ll have to experiment to see what meals work best for you – they have a great selection of recipes on their site here.

You can get your hands on your own Wonderbag here and discover more about the brand and the wonderful work they do here.

Images: Wonderbag

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