What’s the fuss with Meat Free Mondays?

Have you heard of Meat Free Mondays? You should have.

Founded in 2003 in the US, the movement has since become a worldwide phenomenon. The idea is that you eat ‘meat free’ each Monday with the aim to reduce environmental impact, help people to lead healthier lives, save money and raise awareness of how animals raised for food are treated.

With famous devotees like Stella, Paula and Mary McCartney, the movement is set to grow exponentially across the globe.

South Africa has joined the ranks of the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Finland, Belgium and Croatia in being one of the countries to start its own Meatfree Mondays movement.

And that’s enough reason for us to get involved! How about you?

Find out how you can get involved here. Looking for inspiration? Follow us on our social media channels for #Meatfree recipes every week.

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